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Opening Space for Systems

My last post was a harvest of my ah-has and notes from the Systems Thinking 101 Workshop. The day shifted into World Café and Open Space conversations as part of a Pegasus Communications Regional Event. As a quick harvest I did up a short prezi of the event’s flow. And a few other notes…. some […]

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Seeing More of the Whole

A chance to participate in an event co-hosted by the wonderful Steven Byers was one I could not resist. Bonus was that it was on a topic I’ve wanted to explore more deeply: systems thinking. So on a dark and rainy Monday night I travelled down to Renton, Washington to spend a day exploring Systems […]

personal reflections

Putting the Elephant Back Together

I’m reposting something I wrote back in May of 2010 – apologies in advance for the duplication and the length. It was the first time I blogged with my own voice (as opposed to merely logging books and articles I’d found) and I’ll never forget how terrifying it was to hit that publish button, thinking […]