change facilitating & hosting

Building Containers

It was a planned event: an evening with Gervase Busche organized by the BCODN. It was also unexpected: hearing Gervase talk about witnessing real transformational change happen through dialogic practices like Future Search, World Café, Open Space and more, and not so much through the traditional organizational development diagnostic/data collection approach. I had a permanent […]

personal reflections

Putting the Elephant Back Together

I’m reposting something I wrote back in May of 2010 – apologies in advance for the duplication and the length. It was the first time I blogged with my own voice (as opposed to merely logging books and articles I’d found) and I’ll never forget how terrifying it was to hit that publish button, thinking […]

change leadership & management

Being Zen-like in Leadership

An eye-opening unintended consequence of attending a Design Conference earlier this year was learning about the negative impact design has had on our environment. Compounded significantly by reading Do Good Design by David Berman and by watching Food Inc I’ve made some changes, like my grocery shopping habits. The ah-ha of why we as consumers […]


Creating Brains on Fire Movements

Think about the last time someone tried to change something significant inside your organization. How did the employees access that message? Odds are pretty good that it involved email, PowerPoint, or possibly a corporate bulletin. If your company is more progressive maybe a blog or Yammer post was involved too. When I read this review […]