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Learn Circle in New York

The Circle Way: A Leader In Every Chair
Leading Engaging and Transformative Meetings

Sharing a great learning opportunity in New York with very accessible rates thanks to our partnership with Good Shepherd Services. Join Nancy Fritsche Eagan, Alexandra Cukier, Mayra Lopez and myself in NYC on December 7th and 8th, 2015 for a 2-day Circle training. We will address the core structures of circle and work with very practical applications ranging from a business meeting to responding to traumatic events.

In today’s world we live with the paradox that meetings are the most important tool for working together and yet they can be the most unproductive and expensive strategy we use. Instead of “death by meeting”, we can create a structure that encourages candor, courage and straightforward discussions that are inspiring, motivational and stirring. Imagine meetings that welcome diverse opinions, promote mutual understanding, discover inclusive solutions and shared responsibility. Using The Circle Way encourages genuine contribution, creativity, inclusion and co-creation of a future in which there is more possibility than limitation, resulting in better outcomes in our work. We develop the capacity to deal with complexity, conflict, hurt and trauma

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Hope to see you in New York in December!

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