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Resources for Circles + Conflict

I’m preparing a little list of resources for those interested in learning more on how circle practice can be used to transform conflict in the workplace. Here are few key ones:

Circle Way Videos

Here are three videos that describe the Components of the Circle Way, and they provide a helpful introduction and orientation to the Circle Way process:

  • Part 1 describes Invitation, Host, Centre, Start Point, Agreements, and Check-in.
  • Part 2 describes Intention, the Three Principles and Three Practices.
  • Part 3 describes the Three Forms of Council, Talking Piece, Guardian, Scribe and Check-out.

There is also The Circle Way Legacy, the story of Ann Linnea and Christina Baldwin’s twenty plus year pioneering journey bringing circle back into modern application.

The other videos currently available are:

Enjoy the learning journey into the land of circle!



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