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A Path to Connection

My circle friend and colleague Heather Plett has put together a beautiful free ebook: A Path to Connection. I was one of the fortunate thirty three people who contributed to this ebook – honoured to be included amongst such wise and thoughtful souls.


The journey to connection has four paths – self, sacred, others, and the earth. We can’t make connections with any of these four without impacting the others. When we seek connection with the sacred, we must also honour the earth. When we seek connection with others, our connection with ourselves also grows. At the intersection of all four of these paths is a sweet spot, and that’s the place of deepest connection that we all long for.

Because deeper connections with yourself, others, Spirit, and earth have a beautiful and mysterious way of making the world a better place. ~ Heather Plett


I was reminded of connecting to the earth and the sacred this morning. One of the reasons I love being at our cabin is our morning Maya-the-dog walk takes us into nature instead of through city streets (even though our city streets have more nature than many other places). There is something nourishing for me when I’m amongst the trees and the river.


Sitting with others in circle process is another way I experience connection. Another circle friend and colleague posted this question “Where is circle most valued in your life?”

It wasn’t asking how circle was valuable (I have those stories!). I stopped to think about it. Where is circle most valued in MY life?

The answer was about connection. I responded that circle is most valued in my life in the part of me that never forgets we are all connected, and the part of me that forgets sometimes.

What do you do to find connection with yourself, others, the sacred, and the earth?

 Nature walk August