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Leading Collaborative and Transformative Meetings

Last summer around this time I was preparing to co-teach the August PeerSpirit Circle Practicum on Whidbey Island. This August I get to share a sweet announcement… been working on this behind the scenes for the past couple of months!


Nancy Fritsche Eagan of People Potential and I are delighted to announce a new two-day workshop coming to New York and Vancouver, Leading Collaborative and Transformative Meetings, based on the principles and practices of The Circle Way – A Leader in Every Chair. Circle is a core practice in the Art of Hosting and in leading transformative meetings.


Leading Collaborative and Transformative Meetings

In today’s world we live with the paradox that meetings are the most important tool for working together and yet they can be the most unproductive and expensive strategy we use. Instead of “death by meeting”, we can create a structure that encourages candor, courage and straightforward discussions that are inspiring, motivational and stirring. Imagine meetings that welcome diverse opinions, promote mutual understanding, discover inclusive solutions and shared responsibility. Using circle process encourages genuine contribution, creativity, inclusion and co-creation of a future in which there is more possibility than limitation, resulting in better outcomes in our work. We develop the capacity to work with complexity, conflict, hurt and trauma.


You Are Invited
We welcome Art of Hosting practitioners as well as those who are curious about participatory leadership. This workshop is for leaders, managers, supervisors, project leaders, community groups, youth workers, educators, church leader, board members, consultants, and those working in fields such as health care, government, education, the social sector, organizations, healing and trauma work, parent groups, restorative justice and social innovation. And you!

Over this two-day workshop we will explore how circle process can establish conditions for better listening and intentional speaking, increase participation and collaboration in meetings, reconcile difficult dynamics and more. Learn more about the workshop, the team and inspiration on the web at Transformative Meetings.


New York: September 16 & 17, 2014 @ Center for Social Innovation, New York
Vancouver: November 6 & 7, 2014 @ Tides Canada, Vancouver


Download the full invitation here / Registration now open for the New York workshop here / More info available on the web at Transformative Meetings


“A circle is not just a meeting with the chairs rearranged. A circle is a way of doing things differently than we have become accustomed to. The circle is a return to our original form of community as well as a leap forward to create a new form of community.”  ~ Christina Baldwin, Calling the Circle 


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