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My 100 Day Commitment

What were you doing July 16, 2012? I don’t recall everything from that day, but I do remember sitting on the couch as my sweetie told me he was going to do a 100 day blog challenge. To blog once a day, every day, for 100 days. My response: good for you! Followed by a ‘hmmmm…’. One of my intentions for the year was to blog weekly as part of my ‘creating practice’.

So I made the commitment too. Blog every day for 100 days. July 16th marked my first day in my commitment and today, October 23rd, is the 100th. In some cases I had to do some catch-up posts but all in all I stayed true spirit of “100 in 100 days”. Some surprises and ah-has:

  • How much I enjoyed the regular practice.
  • The time commitment! I’d estimate about 1/2 hour per post. Times 100. You do the math.
  • How continually putting my thoughts around my passions and interests out there is sparking openings for me. It’s a quantum world, baby.
  • I have mixed emotions about arriving at the 100th day.

I’m glad to ease up on the daily ritual of it especially as I head into a particularly hectic 3 week period. And grateful for Nancy White’s idea of planting ideas in draft posts so they are there waiting for me when I want to sit down and write. I predict I’ll be doing that more.

But tonight, I celebrate. 100!

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