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Nicole Bridger Eco Week

Tonight I enjoyed the opening show of Vancouver’s Eco Fashion Week, by my favourite local designer Nicole Bridger.

If you’re familiar with the Nicole Bridger line you know in our world a fashion show is not just a fashion show. It is the opportunity to tell a tale, to weave a sense of wonder, to present the clothing and the way it sways through movement on real strong flesh.

For the Fall/Winter 2012 show, opening Vancouver’s Eco Fashion Week October 16th, expect nothing less than magic. The evening starts with a performance from Canadian jazz vocalist Jaclyn Guillou. A little night music to get you in the mood for some wise words of inspiration.

Next up is a mini speaker series with:

Mark Brand from Save On Meats

Aaron Smith from GoVoluntouring

Madeleine Shaw, Co-Founder of Lunapads

Fabulous and engaging minds and lives with stories to tell. Then it’s time to wiggle to the edge of your seat for the performance.

Nicole Bridger’s Fall/Winter 2012 collection is titled “Kali”, for the Hindu Goddess of empowerment. Set as the theme for the evening, Bridger will portray her collection in collaboration with choreographer Heather Laura Gray, mixing the traditional runway show with the art of contemporary dance to tell a compelling story that will move and inspire.

Here is a Storify from tweets of the show. The photos don’t do the night justice… the combination of beautiful music social venturists, contemporary dancers and the clothes (oh the clothes!) was just awesome.

And check out the video they played – the behind the scenes of Nicole’s creative process.

Nicole Bridger – 0ctober 16 – Vogue Theatre – 7pm from Eco FashionWeek on Vimeo.