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Online Harvesting with Storify

The core planning team for the Western Cities Conference was game to jump into the online space with Twitter, LinkedIn and Facebook – what we called Conversation Alley. This was purposeful. It fit the theme of the conference “Shift Happens” as the social media wave is certainly a shift for the HR field. This created a play space, an invitation for conference delegates to experiment with Twitter in the context of a conference.

Using Twitter also created an additional avenue for harvesting – creating intentional artefacts of our time together. One of my favourite tools for online harvesting is Storify for it’s quick and simple ease of use. Each night I created a Storify from the day’s tweets. Here they are:

We will be providing these links to the whole conference delegation in a follow-up Conference Memory Book (along with Avril Orloff’s amazing charts and other goodies) so those who weren’t on Twitter during the conference can enjoy the conference story that was unfolding in the online space.

poster created by Avril Orloff