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One of the delights in my days is to harvest great questions I come across. Here are some shared in the PeerSpirit Circle Tale September 2012 :

In congregational life, significant questions can start groups on a quest from being a congregation to being a community. Some of these questions might be:

  • Who are you? Why are you here and why have you been placed in your current location?
  • What is the future God is calling you as a community to create?
  • Who is your neighbor with whom you are being called to create your future?
  • What is the void in your neighborhood community and does your congregation have the gifts and graces to help address those needs or to be a catalyst to help address them?
  • Who are you as a community when you are at your best? What do you look like? How do you live from that place?
  • What are your passions, gifts and graces as a community? How do you tap into those and live out of your strengths, passions and celebrations?
  • Who are we in this particular place and what is the nature of this place where we are located?
What is your response to aging at your particular stage of life? What are the gifts and needs of each generation of elder? How do we find/build a common language to bring our wisdom into public arena to hasten the paradigm shift?
QuestionsCreative Commons License Milos Milosevic via Compfight