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Silly Games

My final mini-harvest from my time at the Applied Improv Network Conference. This one from Viv McWaters (who I finally met after knowing her on Twitter for almost three years). We were in a lovely breakout session swapping games and had finished playing a game some might call silly.  The game was Lame Duck, where there was one extra chair and one person who moved very slowly as the lame duck. The other players had to prevent the duck from sitting down by moving chairs but they couldn’t go back to the chair they had just come from. In the debrief of the debrief, with questions like “How does this reflect in your team?” and “Where is the pressure?”, Viv share these words I loved:

There is so much to mine in silly games. How they play the game is how they play life.

I have a new appreciation for silly improv games and the unexpected richness of their debriefs. For more silly games go here

Zion and Tracy jumping Robert Conley via Compfight