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Game Versus Play

Harvesting another little tidbit amongst all the learnings I had at the Applied Improv Network Conference. This one from the opening session with Bernie DeKoven and Matt Weinstein, when Bernie talked about game community versus play community. In a game community the big question underneath is “is the player good enough to play”? And in a play community the big question underneath is “is the game good enough to play”? Connected to this was the idea of changing games from win-lose to sink-swim. Win-lose means one of us wins and one of us wins. With sink-swim we build community: we sink together or we swim together.

This was illustrated by Matt who invite us to play rock-paper-scissors with a partner (the old fashioned way, including a whap on the wrist with two fingers!). Then we adjusted the game to try and be the same as our partner. We went from win-lose to sink-swim.

Then we played Pistol Person Tiger. The highlight? A whisper campaign where instead of applause at the end of the session all 200 of us did pistol fireworks. Ahhhhh…. smiles!

Fireworks Joe Penniston via Compfight


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