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Inspiration from Nature

Another mini-harvest from my journey to the Applied Improv Network Conference. I was fortunate to get a spot on one of the pre-conference learning journeys and chose to go to the California Academy of Sciences. The first part of our day was like a self-hosted Walking and Talking event.

I’ll come back and share more of my learnings but here was one lovely takeaway, gifted by the lovely and sunny Belina Raffy on the bus on our way to the Academy. She told a short story of taking a group of executives on an excursion into nature and asked them to wander about and discover what they could learn from nature about their company. When they reconvened one of the responses was they they couldn’t figure out if they were a new branch or a  sapling. Imagine the conversation that might have ensued around business model, organizational design and more, all sparked from the wisdom and inspiration that nature holds.

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