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Travel Day Lessons

Two little learnings on yesterday’s travel day to the Applied Improv Conference:

1. I pre-booked my shuttle from the airport to my hotel. Waited a loooooog time and watched many many other shuttles come and go before mine finally arrived. Texted my sweetie and told him my lesson that pre-booking a shuttle isn’t necessary in San Fran. He messaged back “sometimes it is better to wing it”. Ha!

2. Wandering the streets this afternoon letting my lunch digest I popped into a book store. Lo and behold what did they have but Story Cubes! I’m now a proud owner of Story Cubes and the action set too. Great┬áserendipity. Noticing. Being prepared to be surprised.

2 replies on “Travel Day Lessons”

Thanks Adam! Do share… how do you use them? Any unexpected, creative uses for the little cubes?