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Twenty Reasons: An Invitation

I’ve been having a blast working with the core planning team for the 61st Western Cities Conference. Playing with some invitation and outreach ideas and crafted these:

Twenty Reasons To Join Us At Western Cities 2012

  1. To network, link up, reconnect and learn what other cities and workplaces are doing in these shifting times.
  2. Sit back and enjoy speakers with new ideas and dive in for hands-on and practical learnings.
  3. Play in Conversation Alley, draw on the walls and weave some themes.
  4. Spend quality time turning to each other to surface what’s emerging throughout the conference.
  5. Hear the story of dreaming big and going for Olympic Gold.
  6. Witness the most entertaining economic forecast you’ll ever hear.
  7. Discover the where the four generations in the workplace are clashing and what to do about it.
  8. Connect with your authentic self to enable greatness within the culture around you.
  9. Glimpse into the Revolution and the evolutionary journey our species is on.
  10. Apply insights on teamwork and leadership from the hockey arena to your workplace.
  11. Explore how to move from training-order-taker to performance consultant.
  12. Understand new developments in labour law and human rights cases.
  13. Discuss best practices to support employees with substance use disorders.
  14. Discover the business case for building the strengths-based organization.
  15. Find ways to deal with conflict more effectively.
  16. Learn tools to lead a healthier, happier and more productive life.
  17. Dive into mental models and unleash innovation through Lego™.
  18. Gain a deeper understanding of the steps in a sound investigative process.
  19. Share questions of shifts happening in your city’s workplace, swap stories and ideas to find out how we’re adapting and learning.
  20. Leave inspired and re-charged; maybe even shifted!
PS Space still available –  register here.

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