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Yoga Journey

The colouful stickers beside my name on my yoga studio’s 30 Day Commitment tracker show that I’ve attended 10 classes since August 1st. Because I missed five days with my trip back to Saskatchewan I’ve been doubling up on classes – tonight was a Power class then a Yin class. As of today I have 20 classes to go and 18 calendar days to do them in.

A little wise voice in my head reminded me today that ‘it’s about the journey, not the destination’. How ironic that an invitation from my yoga studio to commit to 30 days of optimal health also holds the potential of unintended negative consequences. Like missing out on enjoying summer picnics with the love of my life because I’m trying to get in two classes that evening.  Add in further irony that my post yesterday was about using the chaordic stepping stones to “live into a life that honours these principles throughout the journey, not just in the destination.” Cough. Cough.

Today I pondered what it means for my 30 Day Yoga Commitment experience, that it’s about the journey not the destination. It’s been easy to get swept up in the destination part, scheduling and re-scheduling my yoga plans for the week. Even feeling a bit irritated that we have picnic plans on Tuesday because, don’t you know, I need to get to two yoga classes that night? Yes, I think this is perfect timing for a principled-kick-in-my-yoga-butt.

Here’s my current take – my principles – on focusing on my yoga journey:

  • While striving to achieve my yoga commitment, it won’t come at the expense of other important areas of my life.
  • I will be fully present at each class instead of thinking ahead to what class is next.
  • I will notice the changes in my practice; where my flexibility, strength and balance are increasing.
  • I will listen to my body and ease up when it’s asking for a break.
  • I will focus on getting enough sleep and drinking enough water.

Thank you inner wisdom – these principles will serve me well in the weeks ahead.

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