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Truth & Shifting Paradigms

Loved this from Justine Musk’s post on the most badass thing you can do as a creative:

But the truth is subversive and chaotic. It will set you free, but first it will raise hell – and quite possibly create a whole new order. The truth is not polite, and it is not afraid to challenge the overriding cultural story otherwise known as the status quo.

The most powerful thing you can do as a creator is to shift the paradigm. To blow open the old way of looking at things. To bring something into the light and give it a name. You do this by using the first voice, which leads you to Bluebeard’s locked room and hands you the key.

Convening conversations that matter is this kind of truth and paradigm shifting work. Not because it seeks to find the “one truth” (because that doesn’t exist), but it invites in and creates space for your truth and my truth to be welcomed into the light and heard. And also because there can be a little hell raising that happens where something entirely new might emerge. This is the groan zone, where everything looks like a failure in the middle, and we need to sit in the soup sensing for a shift.

Tea light (6/365) Jake Bouma via Compfight