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Reindeer Games

It was late one night and my sweetie and I were driving up to Kamloops. He was getting tired so to help him stay awake I started asking him questions from my daily Gratitude Question of the Day emails. He answered a couple then looked over at me and said “I know what you’re up to with your reindeer games!” My not-so-sly technique to help him stay awake was out of the bag but we continued with the questions until we got closer to our destination.

It’s become a fun practice and somehow the name stuck. One of us will say “Want to play reindeer games?” and the questions begin. Lately we’ve been playing reindeer games around the campfire using my Tabletopics. Whoever draws the card reads the question aloud and the other person answers first, followed by the card drawer answering. The answers range from silly and funny to deep and introspective. I love how it creates a different kind of conversation space, listening in to each other in a more purposeful, curious way. Discovering new things about each other.

Reindeer games – who knew?

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