A Little Monday Rah-Rah

If you’re a change maker, rebel, revolutionary, activist, igniter, entrepreneur, insert-your-own-descriptor-here, you might be putting up with some grief this Monday and looking for validation. Lean into your grittiness. You are doing the hard work of moving the world forward to a better future and we need you.

If you are an agent of change, you can’t look to the status quo for validation because you will never get it. That’s why the status quo is the status quo. It doesn’t want to change. ~ Alexa Canady

Be passionate. This kind of life sure ain’t for sissies. It takes energy, stamina, and commitment. All of that comes from the passion that drives you. You care about what you are doing and who you are. That helps you put up with a lot of grief. It also helps you focus on what matters to you and gives you the creative mind-set to come up with solutions. You live an inspired life. ~ Fawn Germer