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Elevator Speech on the Art of Hosting

Chris Corrigan posted this whittling down of his evolving elevator speechabout what the Art of Hosting is. I like it:

The most pressing challenges we are in are challenges thrown at us by complexity.  Complexity produce emergent effects in our societies and requires emergent practices in order for us to find our way forward.  The Art of Hosting supports wholeness by bringing together a loose set of tools, maps, models and practices that serve wholeness. We use dialogue to work with diversity to create emergent solutions, to hold groups and communities in the uncertainty and fear of not knowing, and to converge, prototype and design wise action.  When we are telling the story about why this work matters, these touchstones seem to be essential to touch upon.  From there we can go deeper into the worldview that embraces complexity (thank you Cynefin and the chaordic models of Dee Hock) or into the practices that support individual and collective leadership and resilience in times of change, uncertainty and fear.


The offer I take from this is:


When we are experiencing challenges in complex times, we can find our way through practices that invite diversity and serve wholeness, where dialogue is used to support the journey in uncertainty through to wise action.



Whittling down a worldview and these leadership and resiliency practices is not easy. Thanks CHris for sharing your latest thoughts.

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