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2012-02-28 2012-03-05

  • Loved today… 10 bright and committed folks, some questions that matter, and a chance to practice my graphic facilitation. ->
  • Quote from today's session "So refreshing to be in a meeting without PowerPoint." #graphicfacilitation #yeah ->
  • Darn darn wish I was there! RT @mtbakerski: Cascade concrete? Not!! We've received 10 inches of light and dry snow overnight ->
  • RT @Vancouver_CM: Indifference towards people is the only cardinal sin of design. Dieter Rams as quoted by @toporek at #CMVan ->
  • I'm not pausing enough for reflection these days. Anyone else? ->
  • Wow RT @finstoryteller: In the company of Snowy Owls !!! Super thrilled ! #beautifulbc #birds #snowyowls ->