personal reflections

Practicing Creating

I’ve had an exciting week and am heading into another great one. Here is what I’ve been up to:

  • Diving into my learnings as a graphic facilitator. I don’t aspire to become a  professional in this area but want to serve the art of harvesting with some amped-up skills for those times when a graphic recorder isn’t available. My two days with Avril were amazing and I have another form to add to my practice intention for the year – letters, icons and more oh my!
  • The XYBOOM Conference happened on Friday. Lots more to steep on this one and I’ll write a full post on it but til then here is a curation of tweets and photos from the day.
  • This coming Tuesday is a chance to work with the Vancouver Board of Trade’s Company of Young Professionals. I’ve had a blast working with the planning team and am looking forward to our Leadership Cafe.

What’s been cooking in your world? What are you looking forward to?