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My 2011 Reading List

2011 was a great year for reading. Many of the titles reflected my 2011 guiding phrase “growing as a host of conversations that matter” and the learning from these pages has been rich.

So on the eve of the final day of 2011, I sit here reflecting on this list trying to determine which one I might name book of the year. It’s tough. Power and Love, Storycatcher, Walk Out Walk On, The Circle Way, Engaging Emergence, Turning to One Another and Calling the Circle would be my shortlist. From this, Walk Out Walk On would be the one to name my book of the year (it weaves in themes from several of the other shortlisted books).

Here’s the list:

  1. Deep Water Passage
  2. Power and Love
  3. Mustang Sallies
  4. Perseverance
  5. The Way of Council
  6. The Seven Whispers
  7. Storycatcher
  8. The Anatomy of Peace
  9. A Little Book on the Human Shadow
  10. Standing in the Fire
  11. Walk Out Walk On
  12. Being Genuine
  13. Speak Peace in a World of Conflict
  14. The Circle Way
  15. The Power of Appreciative Inquiry
  16. Engaging Emergence
  17. The World Cafe
  18. Covert Processes at Work
  19. Turning to One Another
  20. It Gets Easier
  21. Hand Wash Cold
  22. Calling the Circle
  23. Two Is Enough
  24. Visual Meetings
  25. The Dream Manager
  26. Thinking in Systems
  27. Theory U

What were the books you read or listened to this year? What is your book of the year?

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