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The Good Habit of Being Creative

December 10th was my first opportunity to participate in @blogbrevity’s #ideachat. It was a great experience: random collisions of unusual suspects and different perspectives on the creative habit. Kudos to José Baldaia for guest moderating this month’s chat.

My biggest learning was how we (myself included) defaulted to an individual view of our creative habits and practices. Then almost at the same time, Ryan Pannel and I wondered about groups and creativity:

RyanPannell: Collaboration is key for me. The group holds focus, challenges my ideas, and always, ALWAYS yields the best results.

Like many things, creativity as an individual or group pursuit isn’t an either/or, but both. I cultivate my own creative habits and practices to help me bring my best work, and the creativity within groups is needed to tackle complex challenges. Patterns like the five breaths of design and the chaordic stepping stones help me invite, design and host well to hold space for the wisdom and creativity in a group to emerge.

Here’s a word cloud on some themes from the #ideachat. Enjoy!