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AoH Tuesday: Knowledge Camps, World Café and Open Space

Welcome to my personal harvest from my Art of Hosting 2011 journey…

Tuesday check-in from the Little Book of Practice: “As we prepare to do our work, we connect with the physical ground, or place. We also attend to the ground of our actions— how we show up, what we believe to be true, how we shape our intention, and how we frame what will unfold.”

Today is about “What is it that I need”? Knowledge camps! Two rounds with Caitlin, Tenneson, Teresa and Chris: Principles of Engaging Community, Hobbit Tools, Circle, Cynefin, Powerful Questions, Chaordic Stepping Stones, The Work, and Open Space.

Then moving into another World Café, with the first question “How do you imagine you will engage with the tools/processes to do the work you’ve been dreaming of?” Loved the discussion on changing the question from “How do we solve homelessness” to “What needs to be said about homelessness?” This question doesn’t marginalize or stigmatize; invites everyone’s contribution (not just the ‘experts’). In another space the story of how we could talk about how we co-created or we could co-create something. One of my take-aways: is there a small questionnaire I could use after my internal conversations to help fend off the shiny penny syndrome? Thinking of Chris’ “as a result of this meeting…” evaluation question. The question for the harvest round “what do you now know?”

Onto Open Space and the question “What do you need to catapult your work forward?” Reminded of Cath’s jellies photo with Tenneson’s words describing Open Space Technology as the “most simple, essential structure”. And the invitation to harvest our sessions with a haiku (5-7-5 format). Random tidbit when inviting co-creation in implementation, don’t ask “What’s missing”; instead “How can we do this?”

Co-creating a Community of Practice (hurray!); more on this here.

Invitation to co-design Wednesday morning’s session. Playing with the expression for more teaching moments with the hosts and time for people to explore their own work. Resulting design was an Open Space with commitment from the four hosts to each attend a session; about tapping into their AND the group’s wisdom.

Evening practices – juggling (again!), soul-motion dance (delightful!), singing and great conversation. Morning practices were offered as well (this night owl preferred to sleep!).

Up next: Opening Space (Flowing) and Closing

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