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AoH Sunday Eve: Check-in and World Café

Welcome to my personal harvest from my Art of Hosting 2011 journey…

Sunday night check-in; times calling us to meet in deep humanity. Check-in (more than a name, less than a speed-date): what you are curious about? Me: knowing the path/walking the path.

World Café tablecloths – “leaving a trail” for the people who will arrive after.  Table hosts stay “yes, I’d like to tell a little story”; welcoming travellers on a trip (what you saw/did where you were). Others share what’s cooking from where they came from. The two finger/one finger quiet notice of how much time was left in each round.

Round 1 and 2 question: what are the provocative possibilities you’re hosting now, imaging or longing for?

The conversation on being ready to let go of what was prepared and shift to something new; how to discover what is in the room (pausing a restorative justice circle that wasn’t going well for a woman to run home and get her smudge).

Harvest after two rounds: what’s happening in the field? Chris jotted harvest tidbits first on stickies then did some graphic recording.

Round 3 question: What is needed to host conversations in this time of change and complexity? Followed by another harvest (“share a word or two that comes to you”) with Chris sharing back the themes with us. Loved the twitter replies to the quick broadcast I shared.

Adored the idea of the Tall Poppy Award that acknowledges those who innovate/stick their neck out.

Me and what I needed: Permission? Validation? Anointed as “ready”? Zach’s wise words to take the leap or it will be forced on me!

Discussion on searching for language you can use with the people in power to help them. Idea of using nature based metaphors. Going to learn about permaculture (hi Conrad!). Suggested book Seeing Systems.

Thinking about how you stay “in it” for a little while longer and the connection to leading yourself. Resilience is needed in these dangerous times (next ferry isn’t here until 5pm!).

Round 4, a personal round with silent reflection. What brings you into this longing, into this work? My thoughts of the need for meeting in deep humanity and of being a compassionate warrior; inviting humanity, not hardened but with a thick skin, deep feeling, courage, not taking things personally, and being resilient.

About harvest: you are making meaning in service of a group, not just yourself.

Up next: Six Breaths and The Work of Byron Katie

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