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Interesting Vancouver

Holy cow, holy smokes, holy McShootersons. I’m speaking at Interesting Vancouver tonight and crossing another item off my bucket list.

What is Interesting Vancouver?

Describes the founder of the Interesting series, Russel Davies: The plan is to have all sorts of speakers speak about all sorts of stuff. Not brands, advertising, blogging and twitter but interesting, unexpected, original things. I’m hoping to find fascinating people and to just ask them to speak about something they care about. I want to replicate the experience of clicking from one really good blog to another, ranging across sciences, arts, musics, jokes and whatever.

And further clarified by the crew at Interesting Vancouver: A group of people will gather to hear others give short talks on a variety of topics. There is no theme, no break-out sessions and no pitch—just interesting discussions among interested people.

What am I talking about?

I’ll be sharing stories of how we can meet differently and co-create the solutions we seek in this complex world. Here’s a preview of my talk:

Can’t wait – this will be a blast!