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Mind-Maps from BIF7

I attended the Business Innovation Factory’s BIF-7 Story Summit in September 2011 and took mind-map-notes on-the-fly (warning: spelling errors due to the fast typing and lack of spell check). I wanted to condense them down further and here is the whole result:

  • Day 1 Part 1 – bigger gist from Saul Kaplan’s welcome, John Werner, Graham Milner, Eva Timothy, and Jim Mellado
  • Day 1 Part 2 – bigger gist from Alex Jadad, Angela Blanchard, Len Schleslinger and Richard Saul Wurman
  • Day 1 Part 3 – bigger gist from Angus Davis, Rebecca Onie, Duncan Watts, and Sebastian Ruth
  • Day 1 Part 4 – bigger gist from John Hagel, Dale Stephens, Fred Mandell and Matthew Moniz
  • Day 2 Part 1 – Umair Haque, Chris Van Allsburg, Alexander Osterwalder and Jon Cropper
  • Day 2 Part 2 – Andy van Dam, Byron Reeves, Mari Kuraishi and Dennis Littky
  • Day 2 Part 3 – Christopher Meyer, Mallika Chopra and Gotham Chopra
  • Day 2 Part 4 – Andrew Losowsky, Valdis Krebs, Whitney Johnson, Dan Pink

For fun I also did some word clouds of the full notes. For an incredible harvest of the BIF-7 sessions see Jessica Esch’s jeschnotes (sketchnotes).

Next is the deeper thinking part – making meaning of what I learned, discovered, what made me uncomfortable and what I’ll do with it all. More reflection is needed before that post will be ready.

7 replies on “Mind-Maps from BIF7”

These are fantastic Amanda! I was just going to contact you to ask if I could get them and found this page while looking for your contact info. It was nice talking to you before the John Hagel workshop at BIF-7! I’m really looking forward to going through the mind-maps to try to resynthesize many of the stories. It’s always so tough for me to do that a week later. This is the perfect tool.

These mind maps are delightfully visual and so incredibly useful. These are better than my own notes; you were able to distill a boatload of information down to the most memorable and salient points. I hope everyone has the opportunity to look at these. They invite reflection on the conference…I wished I had a week off just to process everything I heard! Thankfully your notes have made my reflection process easier and enjoyable. Thank so much!!
Jane Rainwater

Mark and Jane – thank you for your comments. So glad that these maps (initially shared on a whim!) are helping you digest and reflect on the BIF experience. And I agree about wishing I had a week off to process. I called it needing a reverse halfway house; somewhere to go for a few days to think about what BIF goodness I don’t want to recover from and what I’m gonna do about it. Next year I might plan that a little differently!