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2011-06-28 2011-07-04

  • Greece: This Should Not Be About Austerity, It's About The Future Of Democracy A.Huffington #syntagmadialogue ->
  • Tony Hsieh from Zappos – presentation via @lewisaanciano ->
  • From an Art of Hosting colleague, Maria (from Greece), who asks us to watch: ->
  • RT @unorder: Saw a book on questions that said the order of importance is: why what how when and where. In story work the order is reversed. ->
  • Stewart Brand – When the steamroller of innovation comes along, you’re either at the controls or part of the road. via @jaycross ->
  • Oh my oh my! Sir Ken Robinson here @ Dalai Lama Center this August ->
  • Hmmm loving the new Gmail theme (Preview Dense). ->
  • Thanks to @gwenbell and her post on #digitalsabbatical, I enjoyed this Bells of Mindfulness video ->
  • Love this idea: group box lunch via @NancyWhite and @mastermaq ->
  • So if I'm not on Facebook (for various reasons), why would I want to be on Google+? Love to hear your perspective. ->
  • The whole world is shook up: via @timmerry ->
  • Feeling overwhelmed by all happening in the world? These two minutes might help: via Linda Mitchell ->
  • "There is not a single person on this planet who is living anywhere but in the moment. It’s just not the momen… (cont) ->
  • Must work this question into my practice (from Peggy Holman's Engaging Emergence): “Given all that has happened, what is possible now?” ->