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2011-04-19 2011-04-25

  • Critical thinking. 4th graders. World Peace Game. What's your reaction? Watch this #ecosys ->
  • Oh noes… via @sushobhan & @TimHarford: Fantastic post from the New Yorker re 3 cups of tea: ->
  • Which David Whyte book is a must-read? So many to choose from and would love your thoughts. ->
  • Bach + the forest + giant wooden xylophone = wow commercial cc @toddsmithdesign ->
  • Am in awe of this idea: what can one question on a community chalkboard look like? ->
  • “Before you can master a device, program or invention, it will be superseded; you will always be a beginner. Get good at it.” Kevin Kelly ->
  • Hello to @casinclair and @bobstilger – I sense both your work in Japan is complimentary; architecting what's possible with the community. in reply to casinclair ->