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2011-02-01 2011-02-07

  • RT @skap5: Ancient Egypt had a lasting effect on human civilization. Modern Egypt will too. #Jan25 ->
  • RT @daeaves: My piece today in the Toronto Star – Egypt: Connected to revolution #egypt #wikileaks ->
  • RT @stumpteacher: Hole in my Classroom: Putting theory into practice. #edchat #ecosys ->
  • Need a 2 minute break tomorrow? Go here and do nothing: ->
  • RT @davemmett: Girlfriend lost her purse tonight and some strangers found it and returned it without taking anything. #vancouverisawesome ->
  • #CBCfail. I avoided the tragic video of the Olympic luger's death then you show it without warning on the preview of the next Fifth Estate. ->
  • Love this: innovate like a kindergartner ->
  • Leadership will be about behavior that we exhibit in the context of our relationships and social interactions: ->
  • Last tweet link was from the truth-bomb-dropping @joegerstandt ->
  • With the close of January, how are you doing with your 2011 goals? Here's my confession: ->
  • Or not. RT @jonhusband: The Revolution will be Branded ->
  • Cool! Innovative @nordicaphoto does it again: they're offering custom iPad wedding albums via @jason_baker ->
  • Booked! BIF-7, here I come. ->
  • "In the end, all you really own is a story." Who knew such a gem would emerge from the movie Australia. ->
  • Card for my little sis ->
  • This world we live in is very interdependent. If your child reads but your neighbors does not we are all screwed. via @graingered @readtoday ->
  • Inspiration for the week: are you checking off a set of tasks or platform-ing? ->
  • Inspiration on my tote bag ->
  • Powerful reminder to all. RT @GeofferyKehrig: The Year I Learned There Are More Important Things Than School: ->