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Planning for 2011

It is time. To think about what’s possible in this new year. To think about what could make this my best year yet. To set goals, resolutions, make plans, draw dreams, or however you describe it.

Here’s the process I used for my 2011 goals:

  1. Read this post for inspiration.
  2. Reviewed my Three Guiding Words and goals from 2010.
  3. Chose this question: If I were to focus on just one thing in this category that would make the biggest difference in my life by this time next year, what would I choose?
  4. Reviewed the categories and items from My Life’s Wheel and answered the question in a mindmap, creating my goal ideas. Reflected on other possible goal ideas and added those.
  5. Found the red thread; my theme for the year. Growth (I’m growin’ in 2011).
  6. Created my three guiding words/phrases and moved the goals to fit under a guiding word, also keeping the Life Wheel category.
  7. Created specific to-dos under each goal for it to be actionable.
  8. Moved it all into a spreadsheet where I can track it all, and include seasonal reflection time to adjust or update.
  9. Printed my spreadsheet to go in my everyday-notebook.

See my next post for my results….

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