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2010-12-21 2010-12-27

  • "Question customers with prototypes, not questions" via @johnniemoore ->
  • My sweetie: Are you part of the it crowd? Me: No. I just follow them. ->
  • Steve Wozniak to the FCC: Keep the Internet Free, from @theatlantic (via @dscofield ->
  • Wonderful to meet Mary Prefontaine of @ICANOmaha this afternoon. ->
  • "Holiday spirit" throughout the year- A teenager’s simple act elevates all. via @alicia_carlson & @JeanneDasaro ->
  • Just stood in a line outside to get in the liquor store! ->
  • Black Sabbath – December 1970. Live in Paris: If you're a Sabbath fan, there just went your afternoon. ->
  • The time of the perogy feast is near. ->
  • Great list of quotes from @hjarche on life, organization, management, networks, education and more: ->