personal reflections

From Stuck to Starting

I was feeling stuck this weekend. The words wouldn’t flow. It wasn’t for lack of topics, ideas or muses. I was just stuck. The closed-in-spiralling-down-air-sucking-out kind of stuck. So I decided to let myself be for the night. And this morning came a beautiful reminder: the opening words of David Whyte’s Start Close In.

Start close in,
don’t take the second step
or the third,
start with the first
close in,
the step
you don’t want to take.

Recalling these words brought peace to my stuck-i-ness. Of course I just needed to start close in. I realized that my feeling stuck and unable to write for this blog was actually me telling myself I had other important things to think about. And that maybe writing for my blog was an innocent way of procrastinating. Avoiding that step I don’t want to take. Putting pen to paper (or fingers to keys) around my own questions I needed to ponder. This is me now – humble and focused.

Where can you start close in this week? What’s the step you don’t want to take?