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Art of Hosting – V. Six

Nearly done my harvest attempt of my scribbled notes and mind maps from my recent Art of Hosting experience. Here is volume six.

Journalling – process of making meaning. Invited to write the experience of the last three days as though it is a waking dream. Start there, let it write you. 10 minutes of writing (no editing, it’s just for you). Go back and underline what has some energy for you. Then free association – what does that mean to you? Write down a few things. Find the red thread, then write down your next 3 steps (to do or area of focus).

My read thread was community, and my three steps: join the AoH online community, create connection with Shari and a few others for some post retreat reflecting, and find a mentor/someone to apprentice with in the Art of Hosting. Next, sharing in a beautiful conversation with two or three others (thank you Raven and the one who gathers in ceilidh).

Miscellaneous – odds and ends from my notes. Learning about Kleco! Kleco!; jotting down what/who we would like to thank or acknowledge and adding it into a bowl. The invitations for morning practice and ride sharing.The book and resource table. Juggling and improv nights. The flow game. A design nugget from conversation with Steve Byers – chalk talk (no conversation, only written reflection – example here). And learning about animal totems (dolphins visited us on our water taxi back to Granville Island – “Dolphin comes when we need to break emotional barriers and communicate truth. Dolphin will then guide us to find harmony by moving forward with our life.”). How true as we were leaving our Art of Hosting experience and moving forward with our lives, going gently back into the world.

What are your next three steps or area of focus in moving forward with your life?