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Art of Hosting – V. Four

As I work my way through my scribbled notes and mind maps from my recent Art of Hosting experience, I know there was much more harvested than reflected here – like all the wonderful people I met. On to volume four.

Check-in. This was not always done as a verbal check-in from everyone. One morning a poem was shared then segue into description of the day’s events, including time we’d spend on the land; the presencing part of Theory U.

The Work – exploring Byron Katie’s The Work. It’s a way of getting moving when stuck, helping to slow down and get out of our own way. Identifying thoughts and beliefs (ones we can sometimes go our whole lifetime acting on without knowing) then taking these thoughts one at a time and turning them around – inverting them to explore. The turnaround is not about disproving the thought; it’s a process of inquiry that opens mind and heart in different ways. The questions we explored individually here, here, then with a partner. Write the fears and beliefs down even if you feel it some of the time and not all of the time. As the facilitator, simply repeat the questions. Don’t rephrase or probe. Watch for but & because – warning words! Put aside and go back to the question. More of my harvest on The Work is here.

I was in awe of the idea that we can do The Work in service to a group or someone you are working with. Example:  you are not nervous about an Open Space session – done it lots of times and know it will work. But some else is nervous – do the work yourself with their fear/belief. It helps somehow! I must try this.

Is there someplace you are stuck, fearful or confused? Try The Work.