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Q or A: Pick Your Tribe

Seth Godin doles out brilliance daily. If he were Mary Poppins his spoonfuls would be of pants-kicking instead of sugar. Like this one on questions or answers:

You can add value in two ways:

  • You can know the answers.
  • You can offer the questions.

Relentlessly asking the right questions is a long term career, mostly because no one ever knows the right answer on a regular basis.

If I had to choose between the answer camp or the question camp, I know where I belong – my tribe is with the questioners. A well posed question is magic, and I’m always on the lookout for more great questions. At some strategy sessions I co-facilitated over the summer I ended the two days with this one: “What has emerged for you over these two days?” Some of the answers blew us away. It only took the right question to invite such profound personal reflection and revelation.

Where can you offer up questions instead of answers?