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Join Cafe Gratitude for some Clearitude

Thanks to the Linchpin Meetup this past June, my blog and book reading list grew (in length and in value). One of the recommends was Jason Mraz’s blog and let me say thanks thanks thanks to the Linchpins that suggested drinking from his freshness.

This weekend’s awesome nugget was about Cafe Gratitude’s Question of the Day (I’ve signed up – have you?). But Cafe Gratitude was only part of the great find. The other part was this:

These ever-rotating series of questions are the very same questions used by the staff of Café Gratitude in the “clearings” held before every shift.

Clearing is a short process consisting of asking two or three questions to assist you in getting present – to release whatever’s keeping you distant, distracted or having you be elsewhere other than this present moment.

Assist you in getting present.

Last week I kept mixing up the day of the week. On Monday I thought the next day was Friday. On Tuesday I thought the next day was Friday. On Thursday it felt like Friday. Then in the elevator on the way home on Friday night I realized the cause – I had not been living in the moment. I was so consumed by my hectic schedule, mentally racing ahead to the finish line (a webinar on Friday morning). What did I miss by not being in the present? What was it like to be around me last week?

I think this practice of clearing has arrived right when I need it. How do you shift your attention to the present?

3 replies on “Join Cafe Gratitude for some Clearitude”

Amanda, I’m so excited you shared your blog on LinkedIn. I’ve read through a few of your recent posts and am inspired by how you not only find, but seek out, insights and learning from the world around you.

This post is so relevant. I was recently watching a sitcom called “Better off Ted” (cancelled, but funny commentary on office life) in which one of the characters was trying to help the other be present. While they obviously went about it in hilarious ways (mostly painful!), the message was actually quite powerful as this character tried to really listen to people in conversation and fully engage in the moment. Quieting that inner voice that is reminding you of your week’s tasks is tough, and I applaud you for searching for ways to do so.

Also, thank you for directing your readers to the places you find you inspirations. I’ll be checking out a few others from here.

Krysty – so nice to hear from you and thanks for reading. It was a humbling moment for me to acknowledge I hadn’t been as present as I could have been throughout the week. How about you – what are your tricks?