personal reflections

My Summer Vacation Learnings

Remember as a kid one of the first assignments of the school year was to write about what you did on your summer vacation? In that spirit, I’ve jotted down a few things I learned while enjoying a three week holiday this summer:

  1. Crossing off bucket list items equals perma-grin. Must plan for more (skydiving and bucket list items.)
  2. Hiking 40 minutes for a 40 second snowboard ride in 25 degree weather is totally worth it.
  3. A rare #lrnchat appearance for me translated into learning about Amplify, a new conversation platform (thanks again @simbeckhampson).
  4. Likemind Vancouver is early (damn early!) but always guarantees great conversation.
  5. Extending online connections to face-to-face meetings reaffirms the power of social media. Hi @johnathonv, @jwillenski and @jonhusband!
  6. WordPress wasn’t as scary as I thought and starting a second blog is adding a valuable new layer to my personal knowledge management.
  7. Four people, three dogs, two boat rides and one cabin on lovely Keats Island made two days feel like four. Time really is relative.
  8. Solo driving time provided unexpected mental relaxation and some new ideas for leadership development.
  9. The Mount Baker Highway version of pausing to smell the flowers: stopping at a random bridge can turn into a gorgeous three mile hike along a river.
  10. Free time + my Kindle = 10 books read.
  11. Spending the afternoon at a secluded spot along the Nootka River was a great way to enjoy the last sunny day of my vacation. My batteries are officially recharged.

What did you learn on your summer vacation?