Are You the Emperor Running Nude?

On a weekly Twitter chat with some learning folks, the topic was “Book Talk”. It was all fun and games until someone called out the nude emperor (hat tip to @jonhusband):

Books, books, .. who’s actually doing deep org’n transformation, & how .. or do we all just keep yapping & cheering each other on

Screech. Halt. STOP. Laugh – yes! Pause and look down. Oh dear. Am I actually doing deep organizational transformation? Have I chartered the future of leadership, work, learning, engagement, (insert your frontier here)? I love the books, books. Even have a blog to keep track of what I’m reading. This is a deep tweet worthy of deep reflection – am I doing enough, not just yapping and cheering?

It reminded me of a former executive who would often say to people expressing their aspirations, “So, what are you doing about it?” His belief was it’s great to aspire but he wanted to know what you were doing about it right now. If the answer was nothing, well, you can imagine the shoulder shrug he’d give you in return.

My penance for all my book talk, tweeting and blog posting will be to ask myself that question: so, what am I doing about it? Because I am doing bits of the deep stuff. But there’s room for lots more. Like the King sang, “a little less conversation, a little more action please.”

What are your passions and aspirations? Are you reading about them? Tweeting or blogging or Facebook liking them?

So, what are you doing about them?