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Taking Management to the Moon

From the Management Exchange site:

“In May 2008, thirty-five management scholars and practitioners came together to begin the work of defining an agenda for management innovation in the 21st century. This “renegade brigade” included veteran management experts like Peter Senge, C.K. Prahalad, Jeffrey Pfeffer, Yves Doz, and Tom Malone, new-age management thinkers like James Surowiecki and Andrew McAfee, progressive CEOs, including John Mackey (Whole Foods), Eric Schmidt (Google), Terri Kelly (W.L. Gore), Tim Brown (IDEO), and Vineet Nayar (HCL Technologies), and a variety of other inspired thinkers.”

Out of those two days emerged these moonshots for management; answers to the question “What needs to be done to create organizations that are fit for the future?” I think I’ll create a manifesto of all 25 moonshots to keep with me.

Here’s my challenge: pick a few of these that you can influence and start tomorrow. Don’t wait for some CEO or leader. Don’t wait for your manager. No king ever ordered a revolution. While lofty-sounding, many of these moonshots are surprisingly accessible. Like humanize the language of business. Or this one (remember the FISH philosophy?). I’m particularly passionate for those under foster renewal, unleash capability and mend the soul (it’s hard to pick – they are all great!). How about you? What will you do to build a better organization, one that will leave the world a better place?